So, I am unable to take guitar lessons for various reasons at the moment. I've been playing guitar for around a year, but haven't really learned much. I can play many chords and a few songs, but nothing big. Are there any complete guides that will help me learn everything from scales to songs and soloing and all that guide stuff I can buy without having to buy something online or read all those tutorials?
im pretty sure youtube will have all the lessons on every technique you could want.
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I was looking for like an "All in one" deal with everything in it

Most guides are focussed at a specific level, I don't think you'll find a guide that has "it all".

Just make sure you don't go looking at guides that are too far beyond your level and you'll be fine.
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i couldnt imagine how many pages a book would have to have to cover "it all"
Visit a guitar store and take a look at their selection of books. There is usually something there to help you out with scales and exercises. Sometimes there are nice tombs you can buy that have exercises, songs, scales, how to maintain your guitar, guitar history and alot of other goodies. They are very pricey though.
So far only the basics have been covered, but ZeGuitarist is working on an ongoing series called "The Ultimate Guide to Guitar" right here on UG. Here's the link:

Besides that, just look at lessons.
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what worked for me (i took a handful of lessons from a guitar teacher which help with my picking and handling of the guitar) but a bulk of it came from learning from the tab books of my favorite albums. i would just practice practice practice
^^^ all great recommendations. some others...

- learn tab well
- learn songs you like, and play them many many times until you can take parts of them and use them anywhere
- set aside time to play everything you know well
- set aside time to play things you don't feel comfortable with, to push your playing forward

one example practice session...

5 mins - warm up (chords, scales, songs, etc)
15 mins - scales: what you know all the way up and down the neck, new ones you don't know
15 mins - chords: same as the scale thing
30 mins - song playing/learning

on alternate days...
15 mins - work on playing slowly and getting your perfect tone from your current rig
15 mins - read Zen Guitar (book or website) for some good insight to mental guitar playing
15 mins - picking exercises
15 mins - chords you hate to play, practice swtiching between then until you can do it without thinking

As with anything in life, take what you're not the best at and make that your strongest point. Play what you DO know so well, that you can play it without thinking at all. When you can sit on the couch, watch tv and find your hands playing pretty much by themselves - that's where you want to get to. That only comes with good, quality, focused practice.

At GIT, they teach you to visualize everything before you even pick up your guitar. Want to practice scales? Close your eyes, picture the neck, your hands. Hear the notes, SEE your hands playing it all perfectly. Do this for at least two minutes. THEN - pick up your guitar and play.

Why is this part important? Because if it's not in your head, it won't be in your hands. And you can end up teaching your hands to play it wrong if you're just aimlessly playing too much.

Also, listen to music you don't normally listen, and try to find bits and pieces you can use. Mainly a rocker? Listen to some blues, some jazz, some classical piano. Find a little phrase or something and try to figure it out.

You'd be surprised what listening to and trying to figure out some saxophone lines will open up to your guitar-playing brain.
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Just went to guitar center and bought the book "Everything you need to know about playing the blues". It includes detailed explanations of tempo, timing, keeping beat, hwo to read some music, the CAGED system, all the scales and why they work. overall a great resource. and did i mention it comes with an instructional CD? i havn't tried it yet but I'm sure it will be great. Oh and it also includes a whole bunch of great blues riffs, some of which im learning right now