Amazonian Caterpillars

Dangling from the thinnest of threads:
Caterpillar------------Canopy. Light.
Sticky expulsion ties them to green:
Can’t drop------------Feed monkey. Light.

Damn Spinneret! oh, to be a spinster!
Sticky expulsions are just enough to hold
those wrinkled bloats in suspense
till it’s decided monkey is hungry.

And hungry monkeys need fat caterpillars.
So keep 'em fed and emerald green.
Until we're hungry. Until we're keen

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umm...okay. Well...I've come back to this time and time again, hoping i'll get something, maybe something would click, but if anything, im more lost now than before. I just can't get it. It makes my head hurt,a nd not in a good way. Sorry,t his just really did nothing for me at all