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Each of us have cycled through many cellphones over the years, but there is never one quite like your first.

Here's mine.

Not a bad phone, but the part that makes it flip snapped and the top half of the phone would dangle.

So pit, what was your first cellphone?
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Put the name Motorola on Steees phone and you get mine, I forget what it was called.
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I still have mine. It's prepaid and it sucks. But, it has been with me for at least 4 years without breaking so I have to give it some credit. My friends' phones break once a year it seems.
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mine WAS a razr v3xx. but it snapped in half. now i got an LG Shine
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I had the same phone
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hell yeh old skool, but ive had a few crappy ones in between, and now ive got a nice htc touch ^^
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Seriously, some crappy T-Mobile one
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still going on strong after 3+ years. first and only cell phone so far.
they just don't make cell phones like these anymore.
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Just got it earlier this year:
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What a piece of ****.

I had the QD. £20 of my best mate. Bargain.
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Everyone had them 2001/2002

Ah. 3310.

My second phone i think.

I got it last month. :/

My Bluetooth. She works like a charm.
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haha that add-on camera sucked balls

An Add-on camera? XD
...I've never had one. Ever.
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Still have this phone. I need to get a new one, but I hate all the new pieces of shit.
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I can't find my first. This is the second one I had though.

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