To think that I was living
On the dark side of the moon,
Where the shadows of the evening,
Stretch across high noon.
To think that I’ve been wasted,
Spent far from the earth,
A falcon far from master’s call,
Trying to prove its worth.

Flying higher has begun,
Now we’re surfing on the sun.
We took out the dregs,
Of older days,
Then settled onto golden rays.

To think that I was drifting,
Further from the shore,
Laughing as I sailed out,
Closer to the storm.
May as well have set a blaze,
To anything I owned,
Things aren’t worth it in a haze.
I wouldn't have been as cold or stoned.

Flying higher has begun,
And we’re surfing on the sun,
We took out the dregs,
Of older days,
And have settled onto golden rays.
The rhyme scheme is a little weird, but I really like this and think it works.
Quote by Ylasto
R.I.P Ean.

Are there any other members of Lynyrd Skynyrd who are dead?