alight.. so
my high e string is the same buzzing tone from the 5th fret to the 13th fret

it started out just around the 12th and has worked its way down.

and now my B string is starting to do the same.

at first i thought it might be the truss rod so i adjusted it (very, very) slightly,

it worked for about 2 day then came back.

so then i thought it could be the humidity cuz its heater season,
but now i'm home for college and my house is humid and it still messed up

any suggestions

i just checked my fretboard and its slightly bowed away from the strings in the middle.
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Did you recently change string gauge to a lower, lighter gauge than what had been previously on the guitar? This could account for all of your problem. Say you had .012's on for the life of the guitar to date, then suddenly decided to give your fingers a break and switched to .010's. The loss of tension on the neck from the strings will have the direct result of the truss rod pulling the neck into a back bow state, which causes the fretboard to be raised in the center area, around frets 5-7.
A simple check of the amount of fretboard relief can be done as follows: simultaneously fret the low E string at the first fret and at the last fret where the neck joins the body, typically the 14th. Use a capo on the first if you have one, this will give you a free hand for the test. While holding both spots down see if you can slide a credit card in under the string and the crown of the 6th fret. If so, your relief is at least there, which is good. If the string is already touching the top of the fret, then you need more relief. If the gap is huge, then you need less.
If you need more fretboard relief, then you would loosen the truss rod, allowing the strings to pull the neck into a forward bow. If you need less relief, then tighten the truss rod to straighten out the neck. Or leave it as is if it's ok. I'll watch for your reply.