i have no intetion to learn the rest of the song id rather learn something
more difficult and something metal
Then why learn the solo? Why not broaden your horizons? You WILL become a much better guitarist that way.
i was just listening to the song an playing guitar an i learned it by ear randomly
an i was already on youtube recording stuff so i just decided to record it an btw ive only been playing for 10 months
The recording was OK, technique could improve alot.

To Powerhorse, the entire song is a pretty simple progression with all open chords. I don't see why you think theres so much to learn, he probably can already play G, C, and D well enough eh?

I also doubt that you learned the song by ear, no reason to lie to make yourself look better lol.. You played it exactly note for note the way the most popular tab on this website has it. Had you learned it on your own, pretty good chance you'd play some of those notes in a different position of the fretboard

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Every little helps. If he's only been playing for 10 months, then why not? He might be able to play the chords, fair enough. I know them yet I still play them. It's helped me get my timing right. Also, strumming techniques has become so much more better. If people know chords, why learn anything at all? For the fun of it too. He doesn't have to.

A mere suggestion.

Numerous reasons why he could learn the song.
I could see why he didnt bother learning the rest of the song, imo other than the solo "Mother" is the most boring pink floyd song.
yea thats exactly why i wouldn't waste my time learning it, its boring but it is a good song i dont like playing songs that are pretty much all chord its not fun