Hi all,

I have a classical guitar with a pickup and I have an acoustic amp. I've been playing guitar for five years now and am finally thinking of getting my first electric. I, like most people, have a budget that I have to stick to.

Anyway I can split my budget in the following ways:
1. Between getting a guitar and an amp.
2. Between getting a guitar and an effects pedal.
3. Just getting a guitar.

Obviously depending how I split my budget will affect the quality of the guitar I can get. I'm quite stumped as to what option I must choose.

I am considering the third option, but in order to make this possible I want to know if hooking up my electric to my acoustic amp is any good? I will have reverb and chorus effects which I think are good enough for now.

I don't want to get an effects pedal because I'd rather concentrate on building my skill than making cool sounds. Option two is still viable, but is hooking up an effects pedal to an acoustic amp any good?

Thanks in advance.
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okay, for starters, i wouldnt recommend option 2...
conccentrate on either a new amp with ur guitar, or just the guitar...

obviously, depending on how much ur budget actually is, u could either go for an amazing guitar, or a less good guitar, with a medium amp...
i personally recommend option 1...

but its up to u really..


I have an amp already, albeit an acoustic one, so I can get a really awesome guitar if I know that hooking it up to my acoustic amp (for now) will not be major train-smash?
you probably wont have the best tone, and it might mess up your amp. so youd end up buying two amps, if you plan on still using the classical through an amp

I'm South African, so I could tell you my budget in rands (which is our currency), but I don't think it would make alot of sense to you, since you're talking dollars (right?). :P

Anyway for interests sake its around R5000.

Yes, I would suppose so but can you substantiate why? Would my tone be messed up? Would I blow a speaker? etc