Well I have posted serveral topics regarding the same decision. Now I need help knowing what would suit best my playstyle, a Jackson Warrior, or a Jackson RR3? I mostly play metal, Megadeth, Pantera, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath, bust also I play some rock music. Also what pickups would suit me best

Bridge Pickup:
Seymour Duncan® JB™ TB4 Humbucking Pickup
Neck Pickup:
Seymour Duncan® Jazz™ SH2N Humbucking Pickup


Bridge Pickup:
Seymour Duncan® Invader™ SH8 Humbucking Pickup
Neck Pickup:
Seymour Duncan® Full Shred™ SH10 Humbucking Pickup


Bridge Pickup:
EMG® 81
Neck Pickup:
EMG® 85


Bridge Pickup:
Duncan® Designed® Detonator™ Humbucking Pickup
Neck Pickup:
Duncan® Designed® Detonator™ Humbucking Pickup

I know the question may be hard to answer, and I'm going to try the guitars out, but I would like to have a more narrow range to choose from when I go to buy the guitar. And also, there maybe the chance that some of those pickups configurations are too expensive for me, still, I don't know too much about pickups and I would like to learn through this topic. Thanks
what amp are you using? if its NOT a tube amp, EMG's may not sound their best (this ive heard from other members)

IMO by the Invader AND Full Shred Combo
I've heard good things about the Dave Mustaine pups. Given them any thought?
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what warrior

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Get the active EMG's in the rr3
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How much would it cost to have EMGs (81 and 85) on a Jackson RR3? My problem with Dave Mustaine guitars (if I understood your suggestion), is that they don't have floating bridge.
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