Hey everyone, I''d like some help. I've been doing a lot of online searching for some nice single coil pickups that will give me a nice 60's vintage tone for my MIM strat. So i was wondering if there's any you guys would like to recommend me. i've heard great thing's about the fender custom shop 69 pickups, but i know there are probably better ones out there. So is there any pickups you guys would like to tell me about before i jump the gun?

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For you sir, the Mother's Milk set.
I know I reccomend them everywhere, but they're the best. If you want something cheaper, try Duncans. If you're in the UK, look at RockMonkeyGuitars. It's run by CorduroyEW here on UG so it's cheaper for UGers, and they're oh so good.
the dimarzio single coils are good.
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thanks so far fellas!
"Never stop doing what you love" - Paul McCartney (Commercial lololol)
i have some texas specials in my mia strat, they are great for classic strat tones and blues. lindy fralins are good also.
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