The maker of this guitar came to my school today. I got to play it and ****, and I got a pic.
It has a piece of Maurice "Rocket" Richard's hockey ring, the tip of the stick used in the winning goal for the 1974 game between Russia and Canada, the top is made from the famous golden spruce, and there's a bunch more other stuff from Canadian history that I can't remember.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the case is lined with one of Don Cherry's pairs of pants. He said he couldn't bear the thought of one of his signature jackets getting cut up.
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you got to play it AND ****? nice.
Anyway, that's a pretty neat guitar, good for you
Very nice, how much?

Seriously though, that guitar is beautiful.
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Yes. Go Canadia!

I'm just kidding. My Seagull is pretty sweet, handmade in Canada, but not THAT sweet.
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Damn. That's a hot looking guitar! How'd it sound?
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that is one goddamn shiny mother****ing toaster you have there
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They should put a shard of Dead's skull in there, make it super br00t4l.
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Sorry, but
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