I'm a sophomore in high school and this year im not doing so hot so i decided to get my ass back on track now one thing i wanna know is how to bump up my gpa. i would ask my counselor but shes a dumbass.
Study a lot....

There is a magical way of getting good grades without any effort, but only ninjas can do that.
yeah you should really work hard to get a better gpa. i'm a senior and i'm half-way through my college process and the reason i can't get into schools i want to is because of my gpa in the past, it looks bad and ****.
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Get better grades.

Grade Point Average

Better grades, higher GPA.

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Extra credit
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you could try and explain it to the teachers you have a lower grade with and see if they will throw a lil extra credit work your way.
Do your homework.
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yeah, just get better grades, it shouldn't be terribly hard to figure out how to do that,
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Study, n00b.

But, you could also talk to the teachers, and ask them what you could be doing in their class to raise your mark, whether it be paying attention, doing homework, or even extra assignments. If they see that you want to get a better mark, and you actually try, most teachers seem to lean on the positive side of the scale.
Have relations with your teachers.
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Dude, high school is easy, if you have trouble spend 10 minutes actually studying after you do work.