It would be mainly a practice amp, so I need something that sounds good quiet.

I play Zeppelin, Hendrix, SRV, Cream, those kinds of bands. Something that can give me that bluesy, overdriven tone like the above bands. I also do play some heavier stuff, but it doesn't NEED to get high gains.

The amp I have now is a Squire SP10, and the Squire strat that came with it. I also have a RP250, and I'm getting a Vox wah (hopefully) tomorrow.
A Vox Da5 should fit the bill perfectly if your just needing it for home practice. Budget? Guitars used?
Fender G-Dec all the way. Can do almost any sound, AND built in metronome/drum machine
Neither of those are much of an upgrade.

I really don't like modeling amps either...
Not really much of a budget, since I'm just saving up for it.

I would prefer to stay below $400 though...

I also wouldn't mind going used.
VK 112, maybe.
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Classic 30's go used for $300 all the time, ever check craigslist? Do you live near a major US city or are you out in the sticks? I thought my (delta blues, same as c30) sounded good at lower volumes. Tube amps don't sound bad at low volumes, they just sound better cranked. Crate V18, V3112, or V2110, fender blues jr or pro jr all sell used on clist for around $300. The crate V18 just buy new if you are leaning that way, it's dirt cheap.

Edit: A VK would as well be a good option as Exo posted.
On the VK 112, could I like crank the channel volume and use the master to get the driven tube sound at bedroom volumes? Could I get a bluesy tone out of it?

I can't really try many amps out because I'm out here in Indiana PA...
Maybe a little Fender Pro Junior/used Blues Jr.?

Of course, there's nothing that says you have to get a tube amp. If it's just a practice amp, or you're not playing gigs or anything, might as well just get a nice solid state combo like a Traynor.
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Way to show everybody up jackass.

Guitar: _______________ Amp:
_ Ibanez SZ320 _________Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Quote by Mitchell?
Crate V18?

I thought of this, but apparently the V18s are pretty loud 18-watters. If he wants a practice amp, the V5 might be best.

Fender Champion 600? just tossing that out there.
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Not really a fan of Crate. I have a fried who has two of them, and I don't really like the tone of either of them.

How's the DG30D? Looks pretty nice, and inexpensive. I'm also thinking about the Orange Crush 30r.
I have personally like the v18 tone in all clips I have heard, however have not played one yet. The v18 sounds like it is a classic rock type amp, therefore a kind of bluesy amp.

What crate amp does your friend have that you didn't like?

A couple of posts above me brought up a good point of how loud/quiet does it need to be?

If you want just another SS amp, get the Crush but it really isn't anything spectacular, just orange. The traynor looks decent, never played through one though.
He has the 120(?) watt Flexwave.

On my 10 watt amp now, I can't even get passed 1 without being told to turn it down...
Look at:
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