alrighty in the market for a new guitar
ive narrowed it down to two choices

epiphone prophecy sg ex (the one with emg 81/85 in it)

or a fender jaguar HH

im using a vox ad50vt amp (dont suggest new amp because i love this one too bits and wouldnt trade it for anything)

i want something thats got a fair bit of gain (hence looking at emgs)

but i want it to be really versatile as well like go from the really heavy stuff like bring me the horizon but also do cleans well like nirvana sort of clean (hence looking at the jaguar)
but im not really sure how versatile the emgs are
whats your opinion
i would say the jag
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EMGs become very versatile with the 18v mod.

I'd probably go for the Prophecy, but I'm biased towards Epiphones.
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with the vox, the jag, cos actives + solid state amps are a little bit hit and miss, i say try both through your amp, if the store your in has one similar / the same or even take your own, and make your choice, hell some solid states + actives can sound amazing!
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an esp lts H-something with duncans, an HSS strat with upgraded bridge pickup or ibanez SZ are what i would reccomend, they are pretty versatile. if you dont care about these options i give you, i would go for the jaguar, and change the bridge pickup for something a bit hotter(duncan JB, dimarzio tonezone, etc)

EPI ^ the 60 is teh smex
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