"Butter Your Bread" is the working title for my new song. I've been working on it the past week and a half or so. Recorded it through Line 6 Toneport with Reaper recording program. Drums were made with Toontrack EZ Drummer.

It's like hard rock with a progressive touch... kind of.

It's on my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Globocop/

It's kind of a rough mix and isn't anything final. Please give feedback on any way to improve. I may add vocals later. Just need some good lyrics...
I'll try to critique anything you give me if you do the same for me.

"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Sounds pretty cool. Dig the middle section back into the main theme. You got something there for sure. Look forward to hearing the finished product.

Sounds good.. Though I don't like the tones of the synth that much.. The drums are great. The guitar at 1:28 was cool. I love the eccentric bass line. At 3:17 the tone of the keyboard is much better. The solo was cool, had some sweet runs but you should add some vibrato in there. Overall it's an enjoyable listen with some great ideas in there. 5/5.


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Cool man. Playing needs a bit more feel weather it be fake (throw in some vib etc and play about in the pocket a bit more instead of right on the beat) or real (from the soul brother!).

Mix and master it properly too .


That video is awesome. I laughed out loud.

P.S. thanks for the feedback everyone.
"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Well honestly it was just a bit uninteresting, no change in dynamics and articulation. I would really change the synth tones man, I personally don't like synthesizers, It just makes things sound cheesy. I would really just worry about making it have more of an organic feel to it than this synthesized sound you got. Mostly work on the tones, though I can understand its pretty hard to get some good tones without some dough. Keep working at it man.
Interesting.. What did i not like... Some of sounds didn't mesh well in my opinion.. the horns ehh just seemed abit out of place. Solos can always need work here at UG very few of us are can actually play good ones.. Of course we all think we're the **** though. Listen to it more and you'll figure it out.
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Excuse in-depth crit.
00:00-00:25-The strings and the bass-line are slightly out of time with each other, drums mixed too low, too much reverb, turn the 'room' slider on EZDrummer down.
00:25-guitar come in, sounds slightly out of tune, and the phrasings needs work, in terms of timing, note choice, and the playing is generally a bit sloppy.
00:37-00:50 bass is out of time, and doesn't fit.
00:57-1:25- sporadic drums sounds off, rolls on high hat needs to be adjusted, try altering velocity on notes. section is a bit long winded and repetitive.
1:25-1:40- Again, phrasing and melody needs to be worked on in the guitar parts, and dead notes and sloppy runs need to be adressed.
1:40-2:00-Bass, keys and drums are all out of time with each other, sounds terrible.
2:00-2:15- attempt at dissonance, fails to be proggy, just generally fails.
2:15-2:40-Most consistent and tolerable part so far, although, odd notes stick out, and falls in and out of time.
2:40-2:50- out of time keys and generally wtf?!
2:50-3:17-pull-off licks sound jumbled and messy.
3:23-3:30-attempt at melodic phrasing falls flat due to missed notes and sloppy playing.
3:30-3:35- sounds like your playing outside of your skill range, tremolo picking needs work, as it leads to loads of notes missed, and un-even velocities on notes, sounds bad, real bad
3:35-3:37-missed notes, sounds bad
3:37-3:45-poor phrasing and bad tone , as well as picking noise makes for a rather shrill and off putting section.
3:45-3:49- not sure if you went A-tonal on purpose, or whether you just didn't know what you were playing at all.
3:49-4:00-just horrible.
4:00-4:13-tapping is bad, generally, just bad
4:13-4:20-poor choice of out of time notes
4:20-4:25-again, seems to go A-tonal, whether from choice, or just bad playing.
4:25-4:32- just has no rhythm at all in the lead work.
4:32-4:40-strumming goes out of time, maybe, timing is outside of your abilities?
4:40-to end of song-guitar goes out of time, horrible soloing, and dis-tastefulfeedback is.......dis-tasteful. To say the least

All in all, a sloppily recorded mash-up of parts that don't fit together at all, be it in tone, feel, or in most cases, timing with each other.
Guitar work is really poor, attempts at melody fall flat, attempts at fast playing fall flat, even powerchords drop in and out of time. Attempting to play out of your ability zone constantly leads to horrible, even on the simplest parts.
In summation, not progressive, not technical, and just not good in any conceivable way, you should listen back to things before uploading.

Hope this was helpful