hey, i really need new member, since all mine are either in a deep hatred with me or at least 300 miles away, interested? message me, ask for email
people LIVE in indianapolis???

lol but in all seriousness, good luck. i think its funny that you've found another person so quickly but i cant find anyone in NYC....
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Well what do you want to play most and what are you looking for? What kind/genre of music would you say you fit best in?

I'm from Indy, I go to school up at Ball State in Muncie though. I play guitar, i've taught myself for nearly 3 1/2 years...i think. I've got a drummer with me basically but we're cutting our ties with unreliable bandmates...shady people and people with other priorities.

We generally say we just make rock music, we try to be diverse. We're really looking for a bassist though. Someone who can jam and is pretty self-sufficient, but is reliable and will come to practice and won't cancel shows last minute.
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