I don't know about you guys but when I play for too long I starting sucking.

Does this happen to anyone?
I suck anyways.
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I dont start playing good until after 2 hours.............

It used to happen to me alot but as I started playing longer it got better.
Im currently trying to sweep and if i practice a certain sweep for a while, i start to also make dumb mistakes.
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I suck anyways.

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just switch up what you're playing. te brain relies on change, so if you keep playing the same excersise for like half an hour straight, it will be all wtf and it will mess you up. so just play different things. if you feel like you're messing up where you shouldn't be, then change it up and go back in like five minutes
When I learn a song and play it over and over again, I forgot what to do and my fingers start playing by themselves. Then after a while, my fingers forget how to move themselves and I forgot where to go and completely forget the song. Then the next day, the cycle repeats.
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I suck anyways.

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