Ok, so I've grown tired of my Line 6, and I'm progressing quickly with guitar. I figured by next fall (which will be my two year playing mark) I should look into a decent tube amp. I was checking around MF, and I found this

It seems pretty good for what I play, being death/prog metal, metalcore, hard rock, classic rock and of course, shred. However, I heard there was no reverb on it. There's a cheaper combo version of it too. Also, to get the proper tones for those styles, I'd need a few pedals. So I need suggestions for a good flange, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb pedal. Also, a good metal distortion for stuff like Iron Maiden would be good too, as I heard those kinds of pedals work extremely well on the clean setting. thanks in advance.
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there is no way you need a distortion pedal for the jsx...
for the pedals you listed here are the one's to look at
EHX Holy Grail
Boss DD-3/7
Boss bf-3/ EHX electric mistress
MXR Phase 90
EHX Small Clone
I had looked at the combo, but I'm new to tubes and I wasn't sure if a combo had any tonality differences versus a half stack.
also, does anyone know how this performs for the genres listed above? Personal experiences most appreciated.