I'm looking at two different michael kelly guitars. a Patriot limited http://www.michaelkellyguitars.com/patriot_limited.html

or a valor limited with bubinga top

and im wondering if there is going to be any noticiable difference due to the top, or weight difference due to the shape etc.
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Beautiful woods are the hallmark of custom guitars. Unfortunately, such woods are often expensive and their sonic properties may not be nearly as attractive as their good looks.
Laminating a thin top to a guitar body does not significantly alter the tone of the instrument. The neck still attaches to the core wood and the bridge screws are anchored through the top into the same core. Of course, in carved top thicknesses, laminate tops do significantly effect the toneality of an instrument.

So, an alder body with our 1/8” thick top will still sound like an alder body, but may have the

that's off warmoth, i would think they know about wood.

i would think more wood would be more weight, if it's the same wood.