is this tuning pushing the strings limit before they break and I have some dean markly blue steel heavy electric guitar strings.
why would they break? There's hardly any tension, I tune down that low all the time and Ive never had a problem.
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depends what gauge. i have my gauge at 10-52, with a 54 in place of the 52, for tighter picking on the lowness.

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I've never heard of strings breaking because you tune down. Although if you meant tune up, hat WILL snap your strings.
That said, if you tune down that much, there could be an issue with fret buzz. If you experience this, your guitar might need to get set up to be able to handle the decreased tension. As far as strings, I have no experience with this personally, but I have heard that lower tunings require heavier strings.
Best of luck!
Should be fine, my Cort is currently set up in C, occasionally tuning down to Drop A#. No problems at all.
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