I am just wondering what P-90's in my strat would sound like instead of getting a whole new guitar? What about P-94's? I want more than single-coils but don't know if I want humbuckers. Would it eliminate most of the feedback that I am getting now at high volumes?
High as tits
I don't know how they would sound in a strat but I recently saw my father play with a vintage les paul with P90s (1st time I have ever heard them) at his old bands reunion gig and it was incredible. To tell you the truth, I had never even considered them until I heard these, and I will be buying a guitar with them in the near future. I don't know about the 94s but I would recommend trying them out. The only thing is that I have trouble hearing a large difference between equipement unless everything is cranked and sometimes they don't like that at guitar shops (especially on their expensive equipement). Oh, and as far as I know they will cut a lot of feedback out.