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What bands have you guys grown a sudden liking for even though you have always either hated/not heard about?

I don't mean like finding a new band.. Something that's been around and relatively well-known but you've just grown to enjoy it a little.

Lets use me for example.. I'm pretty much an avid metal-listener.. The lightest I would go would be Mastodon.. But after listening to my mates iPod in school today.. I started to enjoy blink-182 again (after liking them when I was about 10 )

And now since I've been home I've listen through a couple of their albums..

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Massacre, Solitude Aeturnus, Dismember, Quo Vadis.

Those 4 bands sucked me in within one listen of an opening track on one of their albums. Solitude Aeturnus with Seeds of the Desolate, Dismember with Override of the Overture, Quo Vadis with Silence Calls The Storm, Massacre with Dawn of Eternity.

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I haven't in a while, but the most recent are Opeth and Nightwish
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mastodon and bullet for my valentine.
goddamn video games get their songs in my head
mastodon is great tho
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Black Rain, kinda new european band that takes their inspiration from 80's harder stuff (not the girly glam, more motley & wasp than poison or faster pussycat).

At first I labeled them another spice girls with dicks band but after a few listens & live vids I think they've got great energy and kind half-light songs to get cranked to. Check them out on myspace music.
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Recently rediscovered The Killers.....gorgeously constructed pop it.

And also The Pretenders....never gets old.

Listen to my covers here.

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Up until about a month ago, I described myself as the kind of person who didn't care about The Hold Steady. Now I would describe myself as the kind of person who enjoys listening to the Hold Steady.
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BTBAM and Protest the hero...i guess now that i can play it, i've grown a liking for technical stuff.
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High And Mighty Colour, Gazette, Parkway Drive.

I've listened to one of High and Mighty Colour's songs, Tsumi, I think it was called, I thought it was pretty good.

I've only recently started liking Emperor, I usually don't like Black Metal but there's something different about Emperor.
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I've listened to one of High and Mighty Colour's songs, Tsumi, I think it was called, I thought it was pretty good.

Listen to Hot Limit (link in sig), it's so damn catchy.
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escape the fate up until the latest album... the latest one was just okay to me.
In Flames. I was never that big on them back in the day, but after the live performance I saw on Saturday I've been listening to a lot of their songs and I've been thoroughly enjoying all of them.

I know, I was surprised too when I found out.
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REM. I'm thinking about picking up Automatic for the People sometime.
Green Day.
Fall Out Boy.
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Listen to Hot Limit (link in sig), it's so damn catchy.

Just listened to it there, it is catchy. And the singer... *add's to list of reasons to go to Japan*
Senses Fail. I'm a hardcore death metal/ heavy metal guy, but I like Senses Fail.
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Just listened to it there, it is catchy. And the singer... *add's to list of reasons to go to Japan*

Haha I know! My girlfriend got all jealous cos I said she was hot

I've never liked punk and I've had some disdain towards simple music (in terms of progressions, guitar parts, lack of solos, etc.), but I started listening to some of their music on Youtube and it's really grown on me.
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