i'm at work experience right now and i need an idea. i need something to form an opinion on something. a youth issue preferably. it's for this soapbox thing in the paper.

god i hate work experience at the whyalla news. next time i'm doing it at the local guitar shop
Serious Answer: Whether schoolies are properly monitered?

Pit Answer: Does fapping make you blind?

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i need something to form an opinion on something.

Intellectual skills?
A brain?
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Do something on the [lack of] good places for teenagers to hang out after school and on the weekends, especially if you live in a small town.
If there are plenty of places already, write about why it's a good thing.
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I think something good for youth would be something like "Should there be a curfew for under 16's?"

Since the majority of today's young kids/young teens are the kind to binge drink and generally cause trouble, by law they should be forced to be home.

Not to generalize an entire age group there.
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If violent video games cause violence IRL

I did an essay on that.
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