Hi. My brother is getting a used Squier Jazz Bass for Christmas (it's his first) and wants to put new strings on it. Because we don't know anything about basses, we don't know what strings to get. He hopes to play hard rock and metal. Thank you for your help in advance .
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I would say Ernie Ball Super Slinkys.
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I would say Ernie Ball Super Slinkys.

+1 you cant go wrong with them
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I use D'Addario strings and im fairly happy with them. They last and sound pretty fat.
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DR High Beams or Low riders

Im using both of those on my two basses. High Beams are fairly bright while the low riders have more of a more mid range growl.

Considering its a jazz bass, id go with the low riders, they will really make the bass sound good.
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I play mostly metal and use a pick so my strings take a beating, regular bass strings last me only a few weeks. So I tried Elixir strings, they usually last a few months, they're expensive but worth it.
Rotosound Swing 66. Simply the best strings ever made. (except for maybe the Stadium Elites, the herald lofty praise, have to try them out.)
Hard to beat the D'Addario strings. Very bright rock sound. Good for metal type music. Just watch out for anything that says "Coated", as that often gives the string a deeper less metal tone but does make it last longer.

And DON'T get fender bass strings... they make good basses, by my goodness are their bass strings bad. Strong and long lasting, but nothing else.