sometimes you use bar chords...think of your index finger as a bar and push it down on teh strings pushing down more then one string. uhhh i think thats what you needed explained to you.
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for those chords like ones that look like this (F) you have to lay your first finger on the first fret covering or Barring the first fret on all 6 strings. Then you lay the rest down. not sure if that helped but

el 1
Bl 1
Gl 2
Dl 3
Al 3
El 1
what chord?
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if you are talking about the AM and such, you use just your index finger to hold down 3 strings on one fret, the e, B, and E should be with just your index on 5. And to save a finger, use the tip of one finger to hold down the two strings (A and D).
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