I've been looking around for a new amp, which is direly needed after a year of playing on a sh*tty Spider III 75. I've been looking into tube amps, and my eyes fell on this...


I haven't played on it yet, so fail is possible, but I wanted to get some opinions about it from you guys, if you guys wanna have a say in this, or suggest something better, go ahead.

I play hi-gain alt. metal, plenty of chugging and palms used, I was looking for an almost scooped, fat sound. But my band likes to throw in a lot of cleans too, so a warm and pretty clean is necessary, none of the sharpness on other amps. Think of a Breaking Benjamin meets Evans Blue meets Avenged Sevenfold(FLAME SHIELD!!!)

So is the Bugera a good choice? I play mostly pubs, possibly larger venues now that we got a little recognition. My amp is always mic'ed, so volume is not an issue.

Also a few questions

1. How good is the distortion? Most of the reviews and demos online are spotty on how much it gives out, and I want to know if I'm gonna need a pedal.

2. Reliability? Is it going to stand the test of time? I dont have any experience with Bugera, I want to know if they last.

3. General quality? Is everything how it should be? Is manufacturing acceptable?

Keep in mind no local stores have them in stock, so I HAVE NOT PLAYED IT YET My plan is to get some opinions from you guys and see if its worth having my dealer buddy call it down for a demo. Thanks in advance.
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Yes, it's definitely worth a try. Those amps have earned a pretty good name.

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i'm not a Bugera basher and never tried one but they do seem to have some reliability issues surrounding the power or power tubes. That can be expected with a new company tho. The vids i've seen are pretty killer. Search up in top right on Bugera and you might learn some things to help you.

I will say this, if you do get one just treat it like a baby driving home and maybe let it warm up for 20 minutes or so first time before applying signal. On a good clean power outlet. Most of the issues seem to be when people fist plug in, even after trying it out at the store. Not sure really so someone can slap me if I'm over generalizing.
I'm gonna go with 311 on the reliability, I've heard enough horror stories here on Bugeras dying.

A Randall RG50TC would be up your alley also. The distortion on them is terrific, they're solid and should stand the test of time provided you treat them nicely (like any tube amp).
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