I made a club at my High School a few days ago, the first meeting is in 1 week, and I have to teach about 10 kids to play the guitar, all at once.

I'm boned. I don't have a clue what to teach first, I thought because I knew what I was doing, I could wing it, but I'm drawing a blank on a first lesson to get them interested.

Does anyone have any advice for mass teaching, or any simple riffs or songs to teach them? From what I gathered, they like Blues and Metal mostly, with one guy being a big Death Metal fan.
Tell them to tune all their guitars to open D.

Teach them Goo Goo Dolls and Linkin Park songs.

First off, teach them how to whammy without the whammy bar and work on from there.
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Well, for beginners I suggest how to tune the guitar, guitar anatomy and the C scale.
For intermediates teach them...barre chords... And jam!

Ask them what they want to learn. Don't ask right away, but maybe at the end so you have some idea of what to do at the next meeting.
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teach em to play smoke on the water, then iron man then i cum blood

last one was a jk, was it?
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ask them what they want out of the lessons, what style of music they like, idk lol,
i teach as well. it kinda sucks..
Teach them how to cum blood...
Soon, death metal's drums will be so fast only computers will be able to listen to it.

94? Not bad. It shall improve >=)

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Give them the tab for Thru the fir and flames and the tab for Somke on the Water and ask witch one they can learn fastest.


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likely they will all fail at tuning..

get them to put numbered stickers on their SIDE frets (eg where the binding is) and play one string melodies eg happy birthday top e string

00 2 0 54 00 2 0 75 00 12 9 5 4 2 10 10 9 5 7 5
I think you should go straight into fingering, if you know what I mean...
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teach them chords, then teach them an easy song that uses basic chords. guitar lessons suck if after the lessons you havent learned to play an actual song. then at the end, ask them what to learn next. the most important thing is that they have something to go home and show their friends, or else they wont like the lessons. put off music theory for a while, its best taught with pianos anyway.
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Teach it to them, maggot.
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I teach two kids too. I started off with the basic chords and then showed them how to play house of the rising sun. They seemed impressed. But depends on the skill level of your class.
the whole class is mostly beginers, but there are 1 or 2 that know some scales.

and, like i said, they are mostly metalheads, so "happy birthday" would be kind of out of place, unless I bring my Metal Zone pedal and max the distortion.

maybe some really easy metal songs (NOT I CUM BLOOD), just any easy riff to learn at the end of "class". any ideas?

and their power lvl is 8999.
teach them Slayer raining blood (part after the intro harmonics) or slayers cover of I hate you.
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Teach them power chords, then you can teach them a 12 bar blues progression and get them able to jam pretty quickly.

Edit: and get the ones who know some scales to solo over it
to get them interested teach them easy songs like smoke on the water and iron man
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