mother f$(*!@$(*!(*!($*!@(*$&!(*$@(#$!)$@*$)!@()
i popped my high e string tuning my guitar back to standard from d tuning
i doesnt feel right anymore
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Get a new string?

EDIT: Ohhhh whoops

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K, coo'.
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k, koo
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i wish i could see Children Of Bodom agen
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Care cup is empty, sorry....

On a side note, happened to me a couple of times... except it wasn't because of tunning back from a D tunning.
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k, koo


But seriously, TS, get a new string? It's not like WE can email you one.
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FOOL! - Your anger is none to my case!, I snapped my high E tuning to D FROM Standard. The rage that ensued was so excessive that paradoxically I reacted by doing absolutely nothing. I just froze with lack of comprehension.
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Aww, poor baby.

But I've done that before. But it was tuning up from drop D flat tuning. It was dumb of me haha.
so...this is gonna happen A LOT in your life if your a guitarist....cry.
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Haggard13 i are impressed
y'all can send me money to buy new strings, i'll give you my account number and everything.
...on second thought, nevermind.
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