Is there any way to record something while listening to something already recorded?

Hey, I could use some help. I've been recording some acoustic stuff onto my computer, but for the songs with 2 guitar parts, in order to get them synched up, I have to guess. I am using Audacity, and I was wondering if there is some way to record a riff while listening to another riff I've already recorded. Any help would be much apprieciated.
whatever's already recorded will automatically play as you're recording.
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yeah..audacity plays what you've already recorded while your recording...if it doesn't work, try going to your settings
uuhhh....if ur using audacity, wen u hit the record button, watever is already recorded should play as u record the next track...on the reverse side, if u dont want it to play, you can hit the mute button on the little options box thingy at the beggining of each recording track thingy
Audacity is hard to use for editing, if you have the money you can get ACID for about $70.

I would still use Audacity for recording, but use ACID for putting everything together.
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Audacity is more of an editor than a recording program. It's limiting either way though...

Anyways go into the prefs and check one of the boxes to make it playback while recording a new track. Put some phones on and you should have the problem fixed.
Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O tab

There's a checkbox that says "play other tracks while recording new one."