so... what do you recommend for me to learn bass theory and harmony?

I've been playing for about 8 months thinking I wouldn't need it, but now I realize it would be a great help. Also my style is extreme metal.

So... any good books or DVD's people can recommend?
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Well there is no such thing as "bass theory". There is music theory, for which there is a raft of lessons and stuff right here on UG. Just search in the lessons section.

Read up in the musicians section too. just reading posts an answers helped me loads when i was learning.
Or if you don't want to learn off the internet, and want to learn 'properly' (as in tuition, although there is no proper way to learn it really) get lessons. Or just get the grade books with accompanying guides.
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musictheory.net and emusictheory.com
not to threadjack or anything but is there a book specifically about counterpoint?