I have my roland cube 30 now, but I moved apartments, its a nice place and rent is cheap, but theres this problem. The amp is a 3 prong meanwhile the jacks are only 2 prong. Here are some pictures to visualize the problem.

Now I have this thing I found that converts 3 prongs to 2 prongs on an outlet, but ive heard it can be a safety hazard, but **** it, ive used it a number of times and nothing's ever happened. But im worried if I use it, it will destroy my amp.

So the question here is, what should I do, should I go ahead and use it without worrying about explosion of the amp? Or should I not use it and find an alternative?
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that third one is the ground wire im pretty sure.

I doubt it will harm your amp, but i think the risk is higher of you being electrocuted

its probably safer just getting an outlet fixed to have 3 holes, or maybe you can get a power bar that will work for that. I dunno.
Yeah i figured the bottom piece acts like the ground wire, and electrocution is kind of a big deal, but i mean its not like im a retard or something, just remember not to touch that. And i cant really change them to 3 prongs, cause i rent and the landlord is an old lady and doesnt want to do anything. I can change the actual cover on the outlet to a 3 prong one, but that doesnt mean its grounded, i would have to do bigger repairs on it.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
Try to find a power strip or extension cord type thing that changes it from 2-prong to 3-prong. Check your nearest electronic store.
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You can use those adapters and converters. But count on extra noise in your amp its unavoidable with out a proper ground. As its an apartment fixing the outlet is out of the question. My house has the same sort of outlets. Some I fixed but had to run wires as there are only 2 conductors in the wall and had to hammer a ground rod outside the house, something your landlord isnt going to allow. My amps hummed really bad and got louder the longer I played. Getting electrocuted shouldnt be an issue just serious noise.