Do analog pedals and digital pedals sound alright when used at the same time? I'm new to pedals and i was randomly looking at pedals on the guitarcenter website, when I stumbled upon this review:

"I bought the PH-3 when I listened to a lot of Incubus music etc. The addition of a few new stage modes can really turn your guitar into a synthesizer!! You get so many sounds out of this little pedal. just turn one knob and it sounds completely different! The boss design is die hard and will never fail. There is just one negative aspect which has a huge influence on this review: boss pedals are digital and that's why this pedal will only work to it's full potential in combination with other BOSS effects! if you have lot's of MXR effects or other (analog) brands on your pedal board I would avoid it since the combo of my MXR D-III and the PH-3 just doesn't sound right.. with the SD-1 on the other hand it's the best phaser out there!! so i would only recommend it to BOSS users!"

Usually i just disregard the reviews on the guitar center web site, but that comment made me think (the bold part, that is)...

so here's my question again: Do analog pedals and digital pedals sound alright when used at the same time?
i'm no expert, but i'd think that since there's two different types of signals, it wouldn't mix well. for example, if you plug your amp directly into your computer, the analog doesn't recieve as well as digital, which is why they make devices to change the sound type.
You can mix the two, the thing is that Boss pedals usually lack tone with their digitalness (won't go into detail) and anyways, if you have a really nice analog pedal chances are you might not want to run it through digital, because the other pedal might suck it's tone, and it's true with analog and analog, you can always have pedals that don't sound great together whether it's analog or digital you just have to find ways around it.

Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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That's a load of crap. Digital and analog mix just fine. I'd actually be more worried about having too much digital, but that's a different issue.

The SD-1 that he mentions, by the way, is analog, so... clearly an idiot.
There is no reason they wouldn't other than one may sound like crap. There are bad sounding analog pedals and good sounding digital pedals. I'd be more worried about the bypass of the pedal, if you like the tone. Once again- There is no reason for analog and digital pedals to not be in the same signal chain.