Not really partial to anything, I've been playing through an old epiphone les paul (a few problems with the guitar because of age). I have a line 6 spider amp (yea its not valve but it works). The amp is pretty new so i don't really want to buy another one so I'm thinking of buying a new guitar. As most people go for, i really like playing stratocasters. I've been playing them at guitar center and at my friends on and off.

Any other suggestions for around $400-500, so i can try them out and possibly be swayed?
Mainly blues/rock as generic as that sounds. I've dipped into metalcore over the years but I'm not looking for a guitar specifically geared towards it.

With the humbuckers on my epi, I am a bit partial to some SSS or some combination of pickups that will give me a variety of sounds.

With that, I still love the feel of the epi SG also
Well if you get a HSS strat, you shouldn't really have a problem with versatility. The key is trying a lot of them before you buy... some are worse than squiers and others are just as good as the american models. Try a few and see which one is the best.
if your going to a guitar store i recommend while looking at strats look at classic vibe squires those are amazing
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im looking for an upgrade to the epi les paul....so squiers are kind of out of the question
MIM strats. With the extra 100 or so, you could buy a new pickup if you're unhappy with the sound.
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Sell your amp because a guitar doesn't hide the spiders tone. Maybe it sounds fine to you, but just dont make clips or vids of it please.

edit: A new/used amp isn't the answer for everything, i know, but just don't make the same mistakes I have such as oh, this pedal/pickup/guitar will make my sound good through my P.O.S. spider amp...
Maybe sell the Spider and get a Vypyr 15? That shouldn't put you down too much on cash, and you can still get a nice guitar.
MIM strat for sure. ive had one for about a year now. its an amazing guitar. but if you can, you should get a used PRS SE. im getting a semi hollow one in blue for $450.