Hey man
not bad at all. i really like the vocals and overall feel of the song. id suggest however that one...the vocals come up. sometimes theyre very hard to hear and you did a great job with them, they should be louder. also the chorus need some backing chords or something. it starts out big but very quickly starts to sound very empty and doesnt really fulfill the momentum that it definitely can have. also, sometimes the guitars get out of time with the song, but thats not really a songwriting critique, more of a technical thing.

but yeah man, i really liked it. great job!

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Thanks for the crit. I was out of time on this track because I recored the guitars first then put a drum track over the top. [should have done it the other way round really].
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It's very catchy. Good guitar work. Fits well with the song. The vocals are very good as well. Though they are hard to hear in some spots. The drums sound real good, too.

Real the only thing I'd say is to beef up the vocals some. Otherwise it's a great song.
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It sounds pretty good. I really don't have any real problems, except maybe some of the distorted tones need some work to them. Overall a nice tune, though its not particularly my style, but its enjoyable.