Hey everyone, this is my first post , Well i dont have a title for this dnt know wat to call it (im open to suggestions!). I know its a bit long but plz tell me wat u think any comments will be appreciated.

When everything in your life is going alright, there is always something that ****s it up for you and for some reason it happens at night.

Maybe I’ve should of expected it anyway, it always happens to me.
I don’t understand why things won’t go my way, I ****ing hate how it feels.
I hide it so no one sees.

No matter what I do or what I say it comes and goes, things turn from right to wrong.
It’s a feeling I can no longer hide deep inside my soul.

Where accepting it is giving in and falling down on your knees, it’s something you wish to change.
But you forget, like loosing something like your keys.

People look at you differently and judge you without thinking twice.
Maybe they should look at themselves first, before they cast a stone and turn off your lights.

Happiness is a feeling I no longer feel.
Pain has become my friend, and forever more this feeling I wish someone would steal.

It’s sad to read that this is how my life unfolds, hard to understand why I’m feeling this.
When all I need is someone to hold.

As a child they told me that I won’t succeed or strive.
It was a burden to prove them all wrong all these years, even as a baby death was near but still I survived.

But death did come, not me but to the one who gave birth.
The most important woman of my life was taken away from me, and from the start I was alone with no one on earth.

Alone I was for many years of my life I felt.
With no one I could really trust, something like a hope you have made of ice it just melts.

But now things are different, some things have changed.
The past is something I regret feeling, but the scars still remain.

The wind is in my face with clear blue skies ahead.
A window of chance to be born again, to begin fresh without any doubts in my head.

Away with my troubles, fear and all emotions that follows.
It’s time to think of something new instead, a time for no regrets or sorrow.

My words are a message lost forever in time.
With no one to feel what I say, as I wait to listen for any sign.

A chance to walk away or a chance to stay.
Knowing that nothing I do or nothing I say can change what I feel in anyway.

In any case moving forward is the best option no matter what anyone says.
Make the most of time you haven’t got long
Because everyone that does something wrong pays,
Because in the blink of an eye what was once here will be gone.
didn't read it all...but some verses are way to long and it looks more like a paragraph than a song.
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I don't really like it- well, for what I read of it - and, maybe you need to Google "song formations" and check out different forms that songs can be written in - because this looks /nowhere/ near a song - more like a paper being written for English class.