Thanks, ya there's an SS. Come on, 107 views and 1 reply? Anyone else willing to take the test?
I suck!

I got 6/12 for the perfect pitch test (which I pretty much just guessed) and then I only improved by two for the relative pitch test.

Going to have to work on the old ear.
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I'd give it a go but I don't have speakers at work - maybe when I get back
I sincerely misread the thread title for something else...
Anyway I scored 10/12. I can hum any given interval too.
8/12 on Relative Pitch. Really bad on Perfect Pitch. Might've scored better if it was guitar samples.
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i didn't think that was bad, if you really did get a 12, nice job man.
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I got 1 on the perfect pitch and 3 on the relative pitch

I think i'm pitch-'deaf', I concentrate more on the timbre than the pitch.
Does anyone happen to know a pitch test that uses pure sine waves?
A metal band?
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I got 10/12 on both, but before the perfect pitch test I had just been listening to a song that I know is in B, so it doesn't really count. I was actually very surprised that I scored so high on the perfect pitch test, because I know for a fact I don't have perfect pitch. Couple of lucky guesses, I suppose.
Cool to see some others with perfect pitch! and coffeeguy...you have perfect pitch on 3 notes? that's pretty weird haha.
Relative: 12/12
Perfect: 11/12

Damn. I once had perfect pitch. I guess it's slipping a bit.
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Besides that, he's right this time. As usual.
apparently everyone here has perfect pitch lol.
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EDIT: Tried again and got 12 on relative and 8 on perfect.
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Problem is with the perfect pitch - once you get the first one right you just work out the rest via its relation to the previous!

12/12 on both

Sorry for being so big headed but I have been working at my pitch for years now so I'd hope I would get em right
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Problem is with the perfect pitch - once you get the first one right you just work out the rest via its relation to the previous!

That's relative pitch, not perfect pitch.
I'm not going to share my score. Everyone go to hell.
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this thread made me feel bad...i should lie and say i got 12/12 to raise my self-confidence

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