What guitarists influnced or had an impact on the way you play? Not really your favorites or who you think is great/whatever but ones that somehow shaped the way you play regardless if you like them (or their bands) or not.
i srsly just posted my answer in the thread right below this one. in the "what made you want to play guitar" thread

but regardless, my biggest influence has got to be Daron Malakian of SOAD
Alex Lifeson

His creative playing along with his slight classical tenancies is exactly what I'm all about.
well...my dad played me band of gypsys by hendrix, and i fell in love and ive been plaing guitar ever since.
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Johnny Rzeznik - shreddy riffing, chimey acoustic-ness.

It's all goooood.
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Frank Iero. (aka, my personal god)
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I'd have to say hendrix, mayer, gilmour, fruscainte, clapton. I can see elements from all of them sneaking into my playing and mayer/fruscainte are big hendrix fans so you could almost roll that into one.

...nah not really. not even close
Iommi for making me want to play and Dimebag for helping to influence my actual style
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Alex Lifeson

His creative playing along with his slight classical tenancies is exactly what I'm all about.

hes my hero

but i have to be honest.

i was young...er

and Angus Young was my direct infleunce.

the first cd i ever purchased was AC/DC live (not the collectors ed) and that was it.

and i saw them live 11/17/08 at wachovia

but i love alex lifeson too but i didn't get into them for a while after AC/DC

AC/DC and Rush... my bands
Paul Gilbert changed the way I play but Slash influenced me to play.
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my buddy colin!

all those famous ones don't shape you like jamming with a truly amazing guitarist. even if it's just for a bit. every time i get to play with a good player, my playing grows in leaps and bounds.
Ken Kitamura, Paul Gilbert... those are the less embarrassing ones.
My guitar teacher Derek Williams, most definitely, along with a bit of Jack White, Brian May, Al di Meola, John Frusciante, and whoever does the guitar for Neutral Milk Hotel.

It's all a weird, bluesy mix that's probably unoriginal, but mine.
Dimebag Darrel, Randy Rhoads, Marty Friedman, Alex Lifeson.

Alex Lifeson and I are both of Serbian descent.

i was kinda pissed when i first started playing, i hadn't started listening to metal and rock and such that much, so i thought i came up with certain techniques and stuff that were crazy, just to find that Van Halen and Jimmy Page had done it while they were ****ting. Anyway to answer to the question asked, probably the Jimmies lol (hendrix, page) the guitarist from The Sword, don't know his name, but he got me into drop C, and definitely Tony Iommi
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Brian Setzer, Tim Armstrong, Cobain, Aaron Barret.
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well the person who influenced the way i write the most would probly be oli herbert and matt heafy, but the person who makes me keep wanting to play and practice is my friend zach, hes an awesome guitarist who could go somewhere someday if he put his mind to it!
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For me it had to be Jay Yuenger from White Zombie to pick up guitar.

As far influenced the most, it most likely had to be Fredic Chopin since I been playing Piano most of my life so I try to throw that into my guitar playing.

Guitarist Wise would have to be Marty Friedman, Petrucci and currently Liaho and Michael Romeo
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It's not like you're taking tips from the guys in Anal **** or Blood Duster. right?

No but when I started I liked green day Lmao. alright music, not a a great guitarist.
1. Billy Corgan,
2. Kirk Hammet
3. Jimmy Page
4. John Frusciante
5. Tom Morello
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Jeff Hannemen
Kirk Hammet
Randy Rhoads
Dime bag
Alexi Lahio
Marty Friedman
Dave Mustain

but Kerry King is my all time fav, and idol by far, he`s the one i look up too and hope to be as good as one day. the Seasons in the Abyss video is what hooked me on Kerry King and Slayer back when i was 15.
Paul Gilbert, Allan Holdsworth, Slash, Steve Vai and Al DiMeola. Loads of others but those are the big ones.