Well I came into a bit of money recently so I thought I'd look into buying anew amp. I've been looking at the Peavey Vypyr 60W and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? Or if anyone could recommend any other amps of a similar style for the same price or cheaper but definitely nothing higher as the 60W is already stretching my budget. I mainly play metal, blues, and rock.

Also, if anyone could tell me anything about the USB connection on the vypyr and if it's of any, use that would be great too.
The Peavey Vypyr series is good, but at that price you can do better. Maybe a Valveking 112 with a speaker swap?
^ Agreed.

I've played through both, and I'll take the Vypyr over the Valveking anyday.

I just can't stand the Valveking.
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Do you really need 60w? If its for bedroom a little much I'd say.

Well it's mainly used for home and jamming with my buddy who plays drums. I was kind of thinking 60w might be a little much but I really like what I've seen/heard of the Vypyr series and I'd also like to get a tube amp as well and 60 is the lowest wattage for Vypyr tubes.
get the vypyr. it's a good amp in tha price range... should treat you well.

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