First of all, i'm not too familar with this genre, so yeah.
I'm maybe not the best person to crit' this, but oh well.

The orchestra sort of intro was very cool.
Good atmosphere to it.
Piano was very nice when it came in.

When the distorted guitars and that came in for the verse, it lost the atmosphere but still, sounding good to me. Good use of outside notes.

The chorus was very nice, VERY VERY nice piano there.
Sort of like, western piano nearly.

The harmony in the interlude was cool reminded me of A7x.
Had a very good vibe aswell. Drums didn't seem right though.

The solo was pretty generic, but it worked. Again, good use of the occasional outside note.

Fadeout worked well as an outro.

Overall, very original. Keep it up. 9/10
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I love the intro, everything is perfect here. Its when the verse hits when it starts to go downhill, its a very up and down song. The verse riff, for lack of a better word at the moment, is just not good.

The chorus is amazing, sheer god. I love the chorus, the piano is absolutly brilliant and the lead flows nicely.

The rest is practically the same as the chorus, awesome. Until you hit that verse riff again.

I would give this song a 10 out of 10 if it werent for the verse riff, its the only and I mean the ONLY bad part of the song.

C4C? Mine is in the sig :]

thanks guys. Also, I did notice the verse is kinda like not ment for the song. Its kinda like I have 2 genres in it.

metalcore verse and melodic metal everything else.

I still havnt completely found my own genre. All my songs sound so much different from each other :P

Im trying for a melodic metal genre with strings/piano/guitar/solos. I don't know any bands that play music such as zacatack or whoever made live to die or die to live. But those are amazing songs

uhh...I'm gonna stop ranting about who knows what now :P
Intro is great... very atmospheric and epic
Personally, i think the verse riff is well out of place hehe, I think you should retain the atmosphere of the intro at least and maybe go for a slower verse, building up to the Chorus.. which is very nice, especially the piano.

Maybe chuck in a bit of variation instead of just verse-chorus-verse-chorus or maybe vary the verse riff each time so it sounds different. Solo's are decent aswell.

Some very good ideas here, to me this piece would be best as a slower atmopheric even folkish song. 8/10
Im going to make a new verse for this.

And I know about how I dont mix up the structure much. A few(maybe 10 or so) songs ago I found a structure that worked for me(intro, verse, prechorus(if needed), chorus, verse, prechorus(again optional), interlude, solo, verse, prchorus(optional), final chorus, fadeout) and now I can't stop using it!!! It works ok for some stuff, but I really wanna mix it up for some ipc melodic metal songs. I always end up with that though for my net song im really gonna try to mix up the structure.
First off, didn't expect that intro seeing as it was meant to be a metal song or something. It was cool.

Love the piano in the chorus of this song, I know it's just simple arpeggios, but it's awesome.

Not a big fan of the verse riff for the first two verses though, it's alright, I think it would be better if it were a different riff for the second verse.

Really like the solo, it's cool. Harmonized ftw.

Third verse, that riff again, sorry but I just don;t like it. I see where you are coming from with it, but there is something in it that annoys me.

Good fade out though, love that piano.
Wow that was really bad ass!

I really liked the piano in that song, it makes me want to experiment now which is awesome.

The intro was nice, I though you could of done more with the strings instead of whole notes the entire time, but it still sounded nice.

Like the verse, heard a little dissonance in there too.

The chorus was awesome, and the piano was top notch. Reminded me a little of wintersun with that lead guitar during the chorus, very nice.

Solo was good, nice run with the sweeps and harmonized arpeggio. Too short for my tastes but expertly crafted nonetheless.

Overall Id say 8/10 - it was a very good song. Thanks for the crit as well!