I was talking with my friend about guitars and stuff, and he was telling me how if a guitar has active pickups, whether acoustic-electric, or electric, can work with headphones just by plugging the headfones into the guitar. I was kinda skeptical and i couldnt find anything about it. Anyone have experience with this?
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Yeah, doesnt work, you can hear more just playing it not plugged in, headphones wont do jack...pardon the pun.
if you want to listen to your guitar without an amp or anything. You can buy a headphone amp and plug your guitar into the input, i have a behringer headphone amp its tiny. I could hear my guitar at a reasonable volume with headphones on, you just cant adjust anything other than volume. Fun to mess around with though
hah yea it sounded a little fishy to me when he was telling me about it. hehe i didnt get the pun at first
Epiphone G-310 SG
Epiphone Hummingbird
Yamaha CG-101
Peavey Classic 30
I haev an acoustic electric that takes one 9v and thats true for it, but it has its own little pre amp in there I believe so for regular electrics it will probably just drain the battery. Plus with an acoustic electric theres no reall point in doing that anway... You could put one of those acoustic preamps into an electric and do it I suppose... but it'd hella more trouble than it was worth.
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I'll get back to you.
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