Searched but didnt find a thread... what do you guys think about him?
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The guy is a freakin genius. Human Equation and 01blahblah are two amazing albums.

I've not heard anything else, though. Really need to look into him more.
I don't know much about him either, heard a song of his on last.fm and i'm totally getting human equation, sounds really sweet
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"
Into the Electric Castle, Universal Migrator, and the Human Equation are the top albums for me. The new one is good but kind of meh when compared to those.
Wasn't really into him until I bought 01011001. Then I bought Into The Electric Castle, and now I'm hooked. Ayreon's ****ing brilliant.
Ayreon is one of my all-time favorite bands. For those who do not know, all instruments except drums and guest musicians (flutes, cellos etc.) are played by one man, Arjen Lucassen.

He also writes all of their songs, and every album except for 'Actual Fantasy' follow a single storyline.
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Day Seventeen: Accident? from The Human Equation is an awesome song. Only heard that album, but it was quite good overall.
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