Hey guys,

I have been coming across more and more pics of bass setups with these strings on them. They look almost as though they are Rotosounds, but instead of having the red fiber ends, they're black. Seeing as how I will be buying new strings as of Friday I kind of wanted to see who makes them and possibly try them out on my Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass (Powered by a SVT-3 Pro + 1x15 SVT Cab). Below is a link to a Fender bass on GC's site with the very strings I am talking about.


ALSO: I play a lot of Mars Volta/At The Drive-in/Sparta type music. very fast and punchy sounding. So I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations to an intermediate player such as myself. I've tried the following:

Rotosounds (love the overall feel to them, just a bit bright, I like nickle)

DR Steels (too bright)

D'Addario's Light top, Med bottems & Reg Light Gauge (Feel like they have too much tension)

I heard the Ernie Ball nickle roundwounds were pretty damn nice. Maybe I should add those to my "what strings to try next" list?
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I think there Fender strings, apparently every stock Fender ships with Fender strings so I'm guessing that's what your looking at according to a site there 'Fender super bass 7250ML, NPS' in the gauge of .45, .65, .80 and .100 (which makes me think its a pretty stupid set of gauges considering its not actually standard gauge)

Also, if you like the Rotosounds, you could try the nickel ones if you haven't already.

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