My strings are WAY TOO far off my fretboard. I have a crappy Behringer El Toro, and I want to buy a telecaster soon, but I can't buy one just yet. How can I make the strings closer to the fretboard? Do I adjust the bridge? Should I send it to someone or can I do it myself?

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You adjust the bridge until it gets as low as you want, provided there's no fret buzz. Then you might have to reintonate the guitar. If you can't intonate a guitar, just take it to a tech. Last time I needed one I think it was 30 bucks, and that was with some repairs to a Tune-O-Matic.
i had a behringer pack for my first guitar. the action was maybe 3/4 of an inch off the neck. no exaggeration. and i had no idea that it could or should be different, so thats how i learned to play for a year.
crazy ****.
Guy's, you need to make sure the neck or relief is adjusted BEFORE you set the bridge! I cannot stress this enough. There is an order to adjusting a guitar.

1 set relief
2 adjust nut(not recommended for most people, for trained or experienced only)
3 adjust the action or bridge
4 set intonation