I have recently purchased an Epi LP Custom Black Beauty. Love the guitar, but I've found the pickups are extremely weak. The guitar comes stock with Alnico Classics. I play more aggressive hi gain, distortion-driven styles. I don't have any issues with the tone of the guitar or the tone from the pickups, but I love a lot of "distortion- chunk" when palm muting. And this guitar has virtually none. So, this brings me to my current dilemma...

Pedal or Pickup?

Keep in mind, if I opt for pickup, I'm limited to gold-plated humbuckers.
If I opt for pedal, I because of quick pedal changes in set list, I would run the pedal continously, which would eliminate my ability to ever utilize a purely "clean" channel.

Any light shed on the situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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take the guitar to a store and play it through a different pedals to see if that will solve your problem. its hard to tell from the info you left, it really could be either. if you play other guitars thru your rig and it sounds good, and your new guitar doesnt, it most likely is the pickups but you should make sure first.
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you are not limited to a gold plated humbucker, some duncans in there would look great, look at the sh-2 or '59, and the sh-4 or sh-5

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reply to headfest88:

Good question. My Tele FMT HH plays much hotter through the same amp. It's stocked with Dimarzio PU's. Which made me think the PU's in my LP would need to be replaced, but I'm new to the idea of "modding" guitars.
you can always buy pickup covers to go over any new pickups to match your hardware, but id try pedals first, if you find one that works, good. if you dont, new pups
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would anyone recommend an active pickup with the LP? I've heard some say that active pu's can react postively or negatively, depending on the wood and finish of the guitar.
I'd go for the pickups also. A pedal would be an immediate change, but with pups you'll sound better no matter what you plug into.
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Quote by bazman13
you can always buy pickup covers to go over any new pickups to match your hardware, but id try pedals first, if you find one that works, good. if you dont, new pups


You never said you had a pedal in the first place, so I figure you'll need a distortion pedal to get good distortion... Unless your amp has a distortion channel, of course.
I'd go for new pickups. Some to consider are dimarzio x2n, Duncan in and 59's, and of course emgs

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