I'm having the hardest time singing and playing the guitar at the same time. I can play just the up and down stroke and sing just fine but, when its not an up and down stroke i can't sing at the same time. Any advice on how to do it. All tips help,
I have a hard time too. I practice just playing the song until I know it very well and then I slowly play the song and sing along. The more I practice both, the faster and better I can play the song and sing it. I know this sounds like simple advice but it's hard for me to make it work.
Split the song into sections (verses or mini-verses) and work on them slowly, then build it up to full speed. Just keep at it. You'll get it.
I couldn't do it at all untill like 2 weeks ago I decided to really go for it and learn a song where I could sing / play at the same time and like everyone says just learn the riff really well, like really well so that you aren't even thinking about playing it, then start off humming/thinking about the lyrics in your head whilst you are playing the riff and then start to sing whilst you are playing it and it will be easy.

DON'T give up though, I used to think that I was just one of those people who could do it, but seriously once you can do it for one song every other song you couldn't do singing/playing at the same time with you will be able to do it, and next time you try to do it on a new song you will be able to, it's like once you do it once you learn how to do it forever.
At my first month of learning guitar, I also had a hard time in switching/changing keys, but then I still practice more.. Try to play a one whole simple song that you would love to play, a simple and easy at first. And as you go strumming along, try first to hum and follow with words/lyrics.. That maybe help..

I am very sure you'll enjoy playing it and strive to learn more keys and songs..

Practice and practice, will help you change the keys and sing easily and smoothly..
practice the guitar part till u dont have to think about it, then sing to it.
practice singing the song, even if u have to cut out vocals to play a guitar part sometime, just keep practicing eventually u will be able to sing that part.
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As with everything else, start slow. Try singing over straight quarter note or eighth note beats. Once you get that down try to sing over a syncopated beat and so on.
I'm trying to learn to play Limelight by Rush and sing it at the same time right now (I know I'm crazy). The advice about taking it piece by piece slowly works. In my case I find it works when you can associate certain words with chord changes etc...hard to explain in keys but you know.