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I rise and smile at the soft wake of my love's flight
1 25%
time and wisdom have taken their toll within coloured prisms
1 25%
I've rotted slowly through the glass stained night
1 25%
And held my breasts to soften the schism
1 25%
Voters: 4.
This will get closed, but I wanted to say that I thought it was really awesome before it did.

So yeah, ****ing sweet dude.
^I came in to say roughly that and was pretty damn impressed too.

I think it shouldn't be closed, as it's just an original way to present things.
my_lemonade_tap, just make sure you read s+l rules quickly before posting your next (which I definitely hope you do), polls are usually not allowed...but this ain't a poll properly said, right?
just to notify any other users, i'd be perfectly happy to crit anyone else's work in exchange for a crit of mine.