So, I'm behind in my watching of Smallville and Supernatural. I once had a website that streamed both of them so i could watch it online, but I don't remember what it was.

Does anyone know of a website where i can watch the two for free without having to download anything?
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mmm...thanks...but...it keeps leading me to the CW website, and that website wants me to download something :/
surf the channel dot com

im 90% sure im legally allowed to post this here, they only do links to megavideo and toudou, they dont host anything themselves.
anyway, they have everything.

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Why would you want to watch Smallville?

Here is a good one i think: www.watchtvsitcoms.com

well, ive followed it this far, and to be honest,
this past season has pissed me off.
i dont wanna watch it, but i cant stop.
its weird.

oh, and that workeed, thank you