so wenever i see videos of people playing fingerstyle songs on youtube, i always see them have finger pick on their fingers or they play with their nail. i prefer to play them with my fingers and not the nail. should i switch or am i fine?
well the nails give a brighter sound, and more volume, if i dont have nails(trying to regrow mine) i have to fingerpick harder to get some volume out. i personally cant stand using finger picks so i have to try an grow some nails that wont break!

also a little bit of nail is enough IMO, no need to grow claws:P
It also depends on what you think SOUNDS better.

I honestly don't like either as much as i wish, but i do prefer using the tips of my fingers over the sound of my nails.
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I use the ends of my fingers because I hate having long nails. It sounds just fine to me.
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
I just use my fingertips, it's odd having to pick using something that is not the tip of your finger. The extra extension is weird.