I've been invited buy the Master of Music at my school to go do a chamber music course at a school in Lakeville, Connecticut, and I'm totally chuffed about it . The Master said that he reckons that the course will make my vocals really "bloom", or something like that; basically he thinks it'll be good for my singing. It's pretty wicked because I'll get to go overseas and do something I really enjoy, and it's pretty flattering that he'd choose me out of hundreds of others.

Just thought I'd share that with the Pit
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Wow, that's pretty amazing.


Cheers man

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You sure he didn't say "blossom"? Cool though.

Might have been that, dunno. Either way, I'm just really stoked he thought I should go.
xD congrats.
don't know ya, but it's good news regardless.
hopefully it gets you where you wanna go.
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