So I just purchesed the album "Toxicity" and synced it to my Ipod. After I listened to the album on my computer I looked in my Ipod and that was the only album on there...all 500+ songs i had on there...gone...but the memory is still being taken up as if the songs were on there...this happend before twice but apple said it was the computers fault...im useing a brand new computer so it cant be my computer...i dont want to have to get all my music back...again

I already reported it to itunes but it takes 24 hours so I was wondering if UG could help me out, anyone?
In which you can't say that iPods blow.

But I can here. So iPods blow, and are never worth the money.
Ipods (touch) are cool. I despise Itunes, however.

Reformat your Ipod.
time machine. Inadvertently, I had created a
Yeah i remember the ipod thread now...

the thing is that some of my songs are on a diffent computer 35 some miles away from me so i dont want to have to reformat it