I think this is the right place to post this. If not I'm sorry.
Anyway, I've found a Squire p-bass special for sale. everything on it is fine but the truss rod is screwed up. The guy says that it's unrepairable.
So I was thinking of getting it and a replacement neck on ebay.
The neck is a jazz bass neck. But i'm not sure if there are differences in the different necks (aerodyne, mim j-bass, etc.)
Could someone explain to me if there are differences, or if it doesn't matter.
I don't think it would matter, as long as it has the same # of frets, or am I being ignorant?
I think it depends on the type of glue the monufacturer has used, but sometimes you can steam off the fretboard, giving you acess to the truss rod route. I've never done it myself but I've seen it in tutorials and stuff. I would do some research into it 1st If I were you , but If the neck's completely gone there's no harm in trying; plus a new truss rod's prob. cheaper than a new neck.
the heel shape and scale length'll have to be the same for the new neck.

afaik, the nut width is a bit different on p and j basses, but I'm not 100% sure on that.. I'm not completely sure if the heel shape is the same, but I think it might be. still not sure on that, though.
it'll take a tiny bit of looking into, but at least you know what to look for in a new neck, now.

try to see if you can get a neck that came from the same kind of bass, or if its possible to repair it (although repair may be too much effort, when you can just buy another neck.)
That's a good idea but it's almost as much as the bass is new. I'll just stick to my plan of buying a used j-bass neck (hopefully a MIM or MIJ neck).
1 guitar-1 busted neck+1 unbusted neck= \m/
James4, the heel shape and scale length should be the same on all jazz bass necks shouldn't it(except on some sig models maybe)? I thought that was part of the Fender design to keep cost down. Or again am I being ignorant?
^yeah, all j-bass necks should have the same scale length heel shape/ect, but I mean there may be a difference between the heel shape between j and p basses.

..although I'm almost positive that the only difference between the j and p bass necks are the nut width, so you should be fine with either a j or p bass neck.

(this is just for my own clarification):
you're buying a full squier p-bass, with a broken p-bass neck.
you found a j-bass neck on ebay, and wantr to put it on the p-bass body.

if thats the case, then as far as I know, you're good, as long as you dont mind the slight nut width difference.
james4 - it might be obvious due to the smaller nut, but jazz bass necks are also thinner. however, I have read in the bass forum the two necks are interchanganble.

I think P bass specials come with jazz bass necks as standard.